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We provide technical consulting, and training in image log and core studies, fractured reservoir geology and engineering, general structural geology and field studies.

Software. We are an authorized reseller of TerraSciences Windows and Unix-based petrophysical, image log and geologic analysis software. Please contact us about attractively priced software and training packages.

We provide needs analysis, project management, and quality control and review of fractured reservoir problems and work programs.


Summary. We provide comprehensive image log analysis, core description, reservoir-scale structural geology, and field geology consulting.

Image Logs:

  • Processing
    • Work: Image log data processing prepares the data for interpretation by making speed and geometric corrections, equalizations etc..
    • Deliverables: The deliverable is a CD-ROM or tape of the processed data and notes on the processing procedures.
    • Location: The work will be done either at our Houston office or in your office, as required.
    • Fee structure: Fixed-price.
  • Interpretation
    • Work: Image log interpretation comprises identification, description and measurement of fractures, other tectonic structures, sedimentary structures and induced wellbore failures in image logs in conjunction with other log and subsurface data.
    • Deliverables: The deliverable is a CD-ROM or tape containing the log data, interpretations, presentation files, a brief report of the interpretation procedures and recommendations for analysis work. Hardcopies of the logs are also available.
    • Location: Interpretation work will be done either at our Houston office and/or your office, as required. Initial data collection and evaluation should be done at your office to insure efficient and thorough identification of relevant data sets and exchange of information.
    • Fee structure: Fixed-price or Time & Materials.
  • Analysis
    • Work: Analysis of data derived from image log interpretation in conjunction with other log and subsurface data to determine detailed subsurface structure and geologic history, quantify fractured reservoir properties, determine optimum drilling directions, paleostress history, paleocurrent patterns, and/or present-day stresses, as required to address your operational problems.
    • Deliverables: The deliverable is an illustrated report in electronic format (CD-ROM or electronic transmission) and/or hardcopy, as requested.
    • Location: Work is typically done in both our offices and on-site.
    • Fee structure: Fixed-price, or Time & Materials for long-term projects.
Core Studies:
  • Core description
    • Work: Description and measurement of lithologies, geologic structures and natural and induced fractures in core including relative fracture orientations or absolute fracture orientations if the core is oriented or if image logs of the cored interval are available.
    • Deliverables: Illustrated log and report of lithology, tectonic and sedimentary structures and natural and induced fractures including fracture orientations, cross-cutting relationships, natural fracture types (when determinate) and a listing of fracture orientations, fault-slip parameters, mineralization and other relevant information.
    • Location: In general it is most cost-effective to describe core in your core facility. However, we are happy to arrange to have your core shipped to our Houston office for description.
  • Analysis
    • Work: Quantitative core studies to determine fractured reservoir properties, geologic structure, paleostress studies, and to constrain present-day stress.
    • Deliverables: Illustrated report.
    • Location: Data collection is done in your core lab. Data analysis and report writing is done in our Houston office.
Field Studies. We perform structural field studies for quantitative fracture and paleostress analysis, field mapping to solve specific structural problems and/or to support quantitative structural analysis. No terrain is too tough; experienced in remote, primitive and hostile physical environments including the Amazon basin, sub-Andes, North and South American deserts, mountain and sub-Arctic environments, and southeast Asia.

We provide field and/or classroom training in the areas of:

  • Image log processing, interpretation and analysis.
  • Subsurface structural geology.
  • Quantitative and qualitative fractured reservoir evaluation.
  • Core analysis.
  • General structural geology.
  • Field-based structural geology.
We partner with leading individuals and companies to offer cooperative courses on subjects including:
  • Quantitative structural analysis (balanced cross-section construction).
  • Well-test evaluation using equivalent media methods and/or Discrete Fracture Network modeling.
  • Fractured reservoir modeling using Discrete Fracture Network methods.
  • Fractured reservoir modeling using equivalent media methods.
To get an idea of the material in our training courses, please study the
Technical portion of this website.

We are an authorized reseller of petrophysical, image log analysis, and geologic software by TerraSciences, Inc. We offer discounts on TerraSciences software modules and attractively-priced packages that include software and training in image log processing, interpretation and analysis, and other subjects. Follow this link to learn more about TerraSciences software.


Needs Analysis. Confronted by a fractured reservoir problem and don't know where to start? The first step in solving your problem is identifying exactly what the problem is. The second step is finding the most efficient path to the solution. All too often data is collected, consultants are hired to analyze it and voluminous reports are written that meet specifications, but the work makes little difference to the company's operations or bottom line. Such cost inefficiencies often result from poorly defined problems and/or shotgun data collection. Needs-analysis consulting provides a written report that charts a cost-effective course to the solution based on a data review and problem analysis. We'll help you decide whether that expensive logging program is worthwhile, whether service company salesmen are trying to sell you a science project, or whether you should bother doing anything.

Quality Control and Review. We provide independent quality control, ongoing needs-analysis and review of fractured reservoir work programs.

Project Management. Cost-effective, integrated evaluation of your fractured reservoir. The fractures in your reservoir reflect the reservoir's entire history, from deposition to diagenesis to deformation to drilling to production. Some fractured reservoir problems are relatively simple and are solved with a few hours of consulting work. Other problems require input from disciplines as diverse as sedimentology, geochemistry, geophysics, structural geology and reservoir engineering. We can assemble and manage a team of geoscientists and/or engineers to solve any problem cost effectively no matter how large the project. If desired, we will minimize your expenditures on contract personnel by training in-house staff in image log analysis, reservoir-scale structural geology, and/or fractured reservoir simulation (as needed) to enable your own staff to do much or most of the project work. At the conclusion of the project, your now experienced personnel will handle long-term exploration and reservoir management needs.

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